Clickinvest is a revolutionary Real Estate platform for investors looking for fix and flip or fix and rent investment properties. The platform is an initiative by industry experts, Rosario Terracciano and Jeff Kershner, who have been involved in the buying and/or selling of over 7000 Properties in the Midwest.

Clickinvest uses algorithms to sort through thousands of property listings identifying properties that would be good deals for renovation and resale and/or rent. All deals include an ARV, Rehab Estimate and Suggested Offer Amount, and are vetted by analysts who have done more than 100,000 property valuations. Members can enter their individualized investment criteria into the system and then be matched with available properties fitting their investment objectives. No matter if you’re thinking about flipping homes in Chicago or investing in a rental portfolio, Clickinvest will filter the noise delivering only the best properties direct to your inbox!


Rosario will be speaking about Flipping Properties at the Summit. Click HERE to ask questions or suggest topics that you want to be discussed during this session