Zach Shepard is a full time real estate entrepreneur and investor, who started flipping houses during the Great Housing Bust in 2007-08. He began his career buying, negotiating and flipping short sale properties across the Chicagoland area, and continues that flipping business today by wholesaling and rehabbing houses, while adding to his rental and Airbnb portfolio.

Zach is known for his ability to identify incredible opportunities in off-market deals, which he takes advantage of primarily through the use of his private lending network.

Zach is member of several local area real estate clubs, and has participated in many panel discussions on investing. He’s also been featured in Crain’s Chicago Business articles. And has taught classes on short sale negotiation techniques to Chicago real estate agents with Keller Williams.


Zach will be speaking about Finding Deals at the Summit. Click HERE to to add questions or topics that you want to be discussed during this session