Three Hour Phone Consultation with Meghan McCallum
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$80.00 USD

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Three hours consulting and strategy planning for you, your business, or SDIRA or I can teach you how to use a Stand Up Paddleboard and we can go for a paddle.

After 14 years in the fire service, ultimately leaving as a chief, she now leverages her risk analysis from her experience and from her Masters degree from University of Chicago in Risk Management into her investing career. A full time real estate investor for almost 3 years now with a portfolio of 42 doors she is partnering into new companies with other investors who specialize in their own niches. Due to her exposure to almost every form of real estate investing she is quick to spot a trend and is ready to pivot with her team as change occurs. Her speaking engagements and guest appearances on some of the top real estate investing podcasts draw new and seasoned investors alike to invest, partner, or deliver deals to her. Meghan is currently raising capital for multiple projects around the country as partner. Her ability to asses and mediate risk and implement innovative ways to maximize each property’s net operating income make her a natural purveyor of the wealth of others.

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