Mark Ainley is the founder of GC Realty & Development LLC (GCR&D) and GC Realty Investments (GCRI). GCR&D is a full service Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management, and real estate investment firm. Both GCR&D & GCRI began at a time when there was a need for quality Property Management services in the marketplace and turnkey investment properties that investors could buy for positive cash flow. Mark founded each company at different points in his Real Estate career through his networking with other investors and his evaluation of what was needed in the marketplace at that particular time.

GCR&D was established in back in 2003 and most recently, GCRI in 2014, however, Mark has been investing in real estate for over a decade. He found his way into the market by slowly purchasing and flipping condominiums prior to the great recession. He also found it to be beneficial to purchase and hold properties. By early 2009, Mark and his team were purchasing two to three properties per month. Mark and his team have successfully renovated and stabilized over 400 properties since 2003, all while managing his full service real estate Brokerage and Management firm.

Mark has been invited to speak at numerous events and most recently served as a panelist at an unofficial Bigger Pockets event. He has conducted several radio interviews and podcasts to discuss and share his extensive knowledge about Property Management and real estate investing.

Mark is currently on the Board of Directors for Well Child Center, a nonprofit that focuses on providing uninsured children with primary and preventative medical care. He has been involved with the organization for almost 7 years. 




Mark will be speaking about Property Management at the Summit. Click HERE to to add questions or topics that you want to be discussed during this session