Linda is the founder and president of My Landlord Helper, a unique virtual property management service solution for DIY real estate investors. She is a speaker, author and consultant. The author of 2 books: Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals and her most recent book, an international bestseller in three categories, My Landlord Helper—The Keys to Managing Your Real Estate Investments and Achieving and Saving Money. Linda is a Forbes Real Estate Council Contributor. She received the Property Manager of the Year Award for the National 2017 Think Realty Honors and was nominated for Humanitarian of the Year Award. She was recently added to the Think Realty coaching team.

Linda enjoys giving back and staying active and involved in the local and national real estate community. She is a mentor at the Fresh Start Business Incubator and a volunteer speaker in Chicago-area schools and entrepreneurial programs. Linda is the President of the Lake County Property Investors Association, a Director of the Rogers Park Builders Group and a Board Member of Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County.

My Landlord Helper manages over 250 million in assets in fourteen states by automating their property and account management with a nearly 100% client retention rate since starting the business. My Landlord Helper offers clients the option to consult and assist with implementing streamlined, cost-efficient processes, goal setting and documentation. Linda once led a team that re-designed the transaction processing software that became one of the most efficient systems in the industry. This system achieved extremely high standards of accuracy, reliability and performance. Her specialty is refining and honing management process to maximize cash flow and efficiency. Linda is a certified technical trainer and project management specialist. Linda and her team would be happy to assist you in optimizing your process through consulting or Secure Pay One’s property management services.




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