Jorge P. Newbery is on a mission to help Americans crushed by unaffordable debts.

Jorge P. Newbery is Founder and CEO of American Homeowner Preservation LLC, which utilizes Regulation A+ to crowdfund the purchase of nonperforming mortgages from lenders at big discounts, then shares the discounts with struggling homeowners. A 2004 natural disaster triggered the financial collapse of Newbery’s former business, leaving him with $26 million in debts he could not pay. Newbery rebuilt himself through AHP, sharing what he learned from his challenges to help families at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes.

He authored Burn Zones: Playing Life’s Bad Hands, in which he chronicled his financial rise and fall; Debt Cleanse: How To Settle Your Unaffordable Debts For Pennies On The Dollar (And Not Pay Some At All) to help families resolve their unaffordable debt; and Stories of the Indebted sharing the struggles of everyday Americans overburdened by debt. He speaks regularly on debt, housing, and finance.