Last year, sent out more than a million pieces of mail to more than 80 markets across the U.S. Six of my clients have given up their day jobs to go full time into Real Estate. Millions and millions of dollars worth of Real Estate transactions have happened on my watch. Developers, wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, Agents and Brokers….everyone benefits from knowing how to source their own deals.

Jerry and Sharon currently reside in Fort Worth Texas working together to provide top notch marketing and consulting services to Investors all over the country while maintaining their own Real Estate business. Whether newbie or seasoned, full on hand holding, simple fulfillment or something in between, they are there to help.

Because every Investor needs to be able to source deals for themselves, outsourcing the marketing you know you need anyway makes more sense now than ever before.

“We’ll make the phone ring, you make the deals”

Both Jerry and Sharon are active in the Ministry. Jerry’s passion is music and he plays in several bands. He has consulted with hundreds of BP members, helped launch some notable careers and been mentioned in more than a half dozen BP Podcasts as the go to man for marketing. Because of their Passions and Beliefs, they become quite involved with their clients and have a vested interest in their successes.



Jerry will be speaking on the Finding Deals Panel at the Summit. Click HERE to to add questions or topics that you want to be discussed during this session