The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit delivers unique content and actionable steps for attendees to prosper through their real estate investments. We cater to the specific needs of investors so the experience is catered to their area of focus.

The intent of this conference is to help attendees take the next step and do their next deal, especially those looking to invest in the Midwest. Whether an attendee is a complete newbie or an experienced syndicator, we want to provide the tips, strategies and networking opportunities to help attendees grow their portfolio.

Why you should attend and what to expect

Unlike other events, there is no pitching at the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit, which means this will be a no pressure, no gimmicks environment.

The two day event will feature panel discussions, presentations, breakouts and organized networking. Organically connect with others, learn top level strategies and leave with a focus and determination to grow your real estate portfolio. 

Come connect with some of the most successful investors in the region and get your ticket now.


We have cultivated a group of speakers that are accomplished, have ties to the Midwest and are also open to teach others. Each speaker is excited to share their knowledge in a no pitch environment that empowers attendees to ask questions and engage with the speakers and other attendees.

We have many confirmed speakers including the following:


John Casmon


Mark Ainley


Dave Van Horn


Matt Faircloth

Brie Schmidt

Brie Schmidt

Sterling White

Sterling White

Sharon 500x500

Sharon Vornholt

Scott headshot_ 20171203

Scott Lewis


 You can learn a lot about real estate in different locations, but to really know the market and people you deal with on a regular basis is important.

Michelle Schafer

Investor, 2018 Attendee

 I’ve been to many meetups, but never an event of this size. It’s great to have so many people who are doing things in one room.

Hussain Harun

Investor, 2018 Attendee

 This was a great event and there is so much value in getting the right minds in one place to build potential partnerships.

Ron Weiland

Investor, 2018 Attendee



2018 Event Photos

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit helps investors to elevate their business and we seek the right resources and partners to help them do so. If you are interested in sponsoring the event and sharing the tools available to help our investors we would love to hear from you. Just click on the contact page for more information on connecting with us. 



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